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This product was added to our catalogue on Thursday 8 October 2009. This product was added to our catalogue on Thursday 8 October 2009.
Product in stock:Excellent availabilty Product in stock:Excellent availabilty
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The diet is already tested successfully, employs our supplements as a valid feed support (steady decline of weight in principle from one up to three kilograms per month).

Ensures unlike other diets (e.g., scarsdale diet zone or other) if followed correctly, the standardization of energy metabolism, eliminating kg too, eating without the worry of weighing the foods and more without regaining the weight lost.

The only attention should be given to Glycemic Foods (sugars and carbohydrates that are transformed into sugars), preferring those with the lowest index).


The goal is to adjust the Pancreas can normalise their response and to avoid first peak insulin.

Then we must avoid if not drastically reduce the use of all that produces sugars readily available: no white bread (we recommend replacing slices of rye bread baked integral steam are often in the hotel in South Tyrol or galette of puffed rice) breakfast ok but also the jam without sugar. Replace sugar with fructose. If you eat pasta (I recommend no a "piattone" for the first month, it should be cooked very al dente and drained and always rinsed to eliminate starch.

So for the first month we must prevent the consumption of mashed or boiled potatoes that are transformed into sugars from starch immediately, no chocolate with fondant sugar but only with sweetener.



The Pancreas is involved to support and assist the digestive process: contains a mixture of enzymes

Amylase, protease, lactase, Lipase, cellulase anymore, and endo Phytase)

-TIOLIC lipoic acid 1 cps to mezzodì ' to the meal and 1 cps in the evening.

In this case, the alpha lipoic acid has a insulinosimile effect and metabolizes the carbohydrates into energy (help the pancreas). Lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant chelating and detoxifies the body and the liver by helping to eliminate toxic substances. Join as a catalyst in the Krebs cycle for the prod. energy at the cellular level.

-TONORIGEN in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach before breakfast 2 cps then add 2 cps in the afternoon (there are only two first rule in the morning to get used to and do not have an effect too exciting given by green tea extract) is ok then when you add the other two in the afternoon.

The effect of the composition is termogenico: then raise your metabolism and burn fat.

Then the extract of birch (drainage) and root nettles also have diuretic effect, chicory diuretic effect for protective and detoxifying the liver; skullcap is anti-inflammatory and antiipertensiva with protection of venous (venotropa). Licorice that is matched by the skullcap, has anti-inflammatory and protective effect against cholesterol and atherosclerosis. Don't forget to drink water, the more you drink the more you make Pee and it purifies and deflates thanks to the effect of tonorigen.

-Melatonin IHC FAst (3/4 compressine to dissolve under the tongue 1/4 of hour before going to bed)

Top product block cortisol adrenal glands that harms (stress hormone) on hypothalamic/adrenal) and back in standard; You should take 15-20 mg (3-4 cps for the first month then will be sufficient 1 or two cps to adjust the sleep cycle and stress/veglia. Melatonin IHC fast also contains tryptophan, which is a precursor of serotonin; Attorney a sleep with dreams, giving a feeling of rest and serenity upon awakening.

-Re-integra (formula with antioxidants multivitaminic action multiminerale)

1 cps with meals (3 cps per day)

(after the first month the pancreas in place and you can sgarrare eating bread dough etc, than you buy 1 kg that you miss the days after (the chocolate is allowed, but only in the evening and fudge with sweetener)

PACKAGE DIET for a month x direct orders to the ns. Headquarters:


2 MULTIZYME € 44,00

2 TONORIGEN € 58,00

1 TIOLIC € 38,00


1 RE-INTEGRA IHC € 50,00




Instead of € 234.00


total € 234,00 discount 20% DISCOUNTED PRICE 187,20 €

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