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Remember : you must thank the job of many:

Harald Ponce de Leon - Chemo - Hozone - Forum OsCommerce Italia
Maurizio Magnino - Maury2ma - Vittorio Bisoglio - VitForLinux
TiM-SE - Taipo -

For CAPTCHA audio: Securimage PHP CAPTCHA

For editor wysiwyg: Ckeditor 3.6.5 and License

For watermark image: Watermark by Silvio Rainoldi

For web image and Icon: Web icons by Iconshock - Icon and grafic by IconSpedia

For font: Download font to Font Squirrel

For image JS: Lightbox v2.51 by Lokesh Dhakar

For free Lite GeoIP DB: Maxmind GeoIP Site (update 2012-10-18) - For Update Core GeoIP class PHP - For Update Geo Lite Country - For Update Geo Lite City

and many others still. If your name should appear here, there is not instead, tell me.